CTM’s Photo of the Year 2020

At the beginning of 2020 we began our first photo competition with our crews, and we have received some truly breathtaking images from them. Getting them down to a top ten was no mean feat for us, everyone had their favourites and it inspired plenty of artistic debates, which for us at CTM was a refreshing change of pace. But we eventually got down to a selection for our people to vote on.

Following the results from start to finish was highly entertaining and at times nail-biting, eventually one photograph took a commanding lead. With around 38% of the vote it seems that there was indeed a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. This photograph sent to us by the crew of GoodBulk Ltd.’s M/V Aquasurfer is CTM’s Photo of the Year for 2020. The vessel is a Capesize of 178,854 deadweight built in 2013 at Sungdong, South Korea and is under our management. There is something magical about rainbows that is captivating and uplifting at the same time.

Congratulations to the crew of the M/V Aquasurfer on this win, we look forward to seeing what you send us this year.

Photo of the Year 2020: GoodBulk Ltd.’s Capesize vessel M/V Aquasurfer

We won’t just leave you with the top photo of 2020 so here are the second and third placed photos that you voted for.

Coming second place with around 25% of the votes is this photograph that is a favourite of our supramax desk. This stunning photo of a supramax silhouetted by the sunset again from the crew of the M/V Aquasurfer. The supramax highlighted by these glorious fiery reds and oranges as the sun sinks below the horizon. Don’t forget that our Supramax RSA pool is the largest and most flexible on the market find out more by clicking here.

A Supramax vessel on the horizon, photographed by the crew onboard GoodBulk’s M/V Aquasurfer

In at third place with 12% of the vote is another sunset. With these lavish combination of purple hues and reds filling this image with a peaceful yet vibrant colour palate. Sent to us by the crew of the M/V Aquaproud as she steams on her way in to the night. The vessel is a Capesize of 178,055 deadweight built in 2009 at SWS, China (owned by GoodBulk Ltd. and managed by CTM).

GoodBulk Ltd.’s Capesize vessel the M/V Aquaproud

That rounds up our top three photos from 2020 as voted for by our colleagues and our all followers on social media so thank you to all who participated.

2020 was a tough year for crews around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which left many of them unable to travel home due to the travel restrictions. We can’t thank our crews enough for the way they have continued to operate at the highest levels of professionalism during this difficult time. We look forward to bringing you more of their photos from their travels in 2021 on our social media pages.

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