Reducing our Carbon Footprint

C Transport Maritime S.A.M.
3 min readApr 14, 2021

The environment and its protection are extremely important for CTM as our CEO Mr John Michael Radziwill has said countless times, including during our interview with him on our podcast and also at last year’s Posidonia where he said: “the environment is everything”.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when His Serene Highness Prince Albert II and Monaco’s Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) created the National Energy Transition Pact CTM, at the end of last year, became one of the 150 businesses, institutions and associations to sign the Commitment Charter.

The Commitment Charter has 3 key priorities: transport, energy, and waste which the Monaco Government has broken down into annual action plans. These indicate what each signee will do to contribute towards the energy transition and highlight the greenhouse gas emissions that have been prevented. Every year signatories will receive new ideas for action which they can include in their commitments under the pact.

Below is our action plan for this year.

We aren’t just limiting our efforts to curb our environmental impact to our home in Monaco. Our CEO Mr John Michael Radziwill has been a leading voice in the campaign for slow steaming and the evidence that he put forward at last year’s Posidonia speaks volumes: “in the last fifteen years, the global fleet size has probably gone up about 2.2 times we are actually emitting less CO2 the main reason is because we are going slower, bulkers are 20% down, containers are 25% down and tankers are 20% down. So slow steaming works and it can be implemented immediately.” We at CTM believe that slow steaming is the most direct course of action that can limit shipping's impact on the environment today.

We have expanded our mission to achieve our target of zero plastic waste to the ships under our technical management. Our Technical team is now working on a pilot project to install water purifiers on board that are capable of filtering, remineralising, and sterilising wastewater, thus transforming it into safe high-quality drinking water for our crews eventually eliminating the need for bottled water.

As mentioned in our 2021 Action Plan we are digitising practises where possible and this includes all the ships’ manuals and documentation. This will reduce paper use on board and curtail our dependence on sending documents between the vessels and our office. The reduced dependence on paper helps to save trees and in turn helps in the path towards decarbonization.

CTM is committed to lowering our carbon footprint and these are just some of the projects that we are working on to achieve this goal. Our Quality Department will continue oversee our efforts to find new ways to further reduce our environmental impact. The company’s open-door policy enables our team members and crews to put forward new ideas and initiatives. We look forward to taking part in the MTE’s workshops and attending their annual events. Working together with our partners, stakeholders and our local community to protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

C TRANSPORT MARITIME S.A.M. (CTM) is a highly qualified and experienced vessel management company primarily in the dry cargo ocean transportation industry. Established in Monaco in 2004, the company has strong Greek and Italian shipping roots that reach back over a century. CTM currently manages a fleet of over 200 dry cargo vessels at any point in time in the Handymax up to Capesize segments.



C Transport Maritime S.A.M.

Est. 2004 in Monaco, we currently #manage a #fleet of over 200 #drybulk ships at any point in time in the Handymax-Capesize segments.