Singapore Maritime Week

On the 22nd of April during Singapore’s Maritime Week at the “Singapore Shipping Forum 2021: Shipping Post Pandemic” conference, our CEO John Michael Radziwill was invited by Andrew Gallagher of Moore Stephens LLP to give a keynote speech.

Mr. Radziwill began his speech by paying homage and giving thanks to those who have been on the front lines in the fight against this pandemic for the past 15 months: doctors, nurses, delivery workers, supermarket employees and our seafarers. We second those sentiments by saying without these brave men and women the world would probably be in a much worse state than it is currently and we thank them for all they have done.

During his speech, John Michael spoke on the six lessons that the world has learned and been reminded of during the pandemic:

  1. Shipping is an essential service - During the Covid-19 pandemic shippers across all sectors had varied fortunes whilst providing our essential services. Even though dry bulk rates fell to below 5-year averages and 85 million tonnes of cargo were wiped out from the prior year, our sector has come out of the pandemic relatively unscathed. Due in part to the stimulus measures put in place by governments worldwide, thanks to the essential commodities that we carry. “The transport of goods worldwide is essential and it will remain that way pre — during — post-pandemic.” So far this year as we wrote about in our post “BSI Reaches 10 Year High” both Supramax and Panamax rates reached decade highs and it's been the strongest start to the year for the Capesizes in a decade, giving the dry bulk market some long-awaited cheer. “Post pandemic, shipping will remain an essential part of the global economy, but further stimulus measures will accelerate recovery and boost trade.

Mr Radziwill finished his speech by encouraging the shipping community to: “do their part in achieving excellence and generosity for the benefit of the whole. As an industry we need to learn more from the past and avoid future mistakes, like restraining from ordering new ships and oversupplying our market.” He ended with a short message to all the dry bulk shipowners “grab every cent and let's increase our exposure only through the second-hand market so that we can enjoy it not for months but for years and decades to come!”.

We would like to thank Moore Stephens LLP and Mr. Gallagher for inviting Mr. Radziwill to give his keynote speech during the Singapore Maritime Week. We look forward to the time when we can attend in person instead of via webcam and properly reconnect with our friends in the global maritime community.

C TRANSPORT MARITIME S.A.M. (CTM) is a highly qualified and experienced vessel management company primarily in the dry cargo ocean transportation industry. Established in Monaco in 2004, the company has strong Greek and Italian shipping roots that reach back over a century. CTM currently manages a fleet of over 200 dry cargo vessels at any point in time in the Handymax up to Capesize segments.



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C Transport Maritime S.A.M.

Est. 2004 in Monaco, we currently #manage a #fleet of over 200 #drybulk ships at any point in time in the Handymax-Capesize segments.